The Opposite of SexThe Opposite of Sex (1998)

Starring Christina Ricci, Martin Donovan, Lisa Kudrow, Ivan Sergei, Johnny Galecki, and Lyle Lovett.
Written and directed by Don Roos.

Grade: B-

Review by Carlo Cavagna.

Christina Ricci as Dedee TruittThe most interesting thing about The Opposite of Sex is that it's creatively narrated by the story's least sympathetic character, 16-year old Dedee Truitt (Christina Ricci). Dedee runs away from home to visit her gay half-brother Bill (Martin Donovan) and then runs off with Bill's boyfriend, Matt (Ivan Sergei). The plot thickens when we find out that Dedee is pregnant and when one of Bill's former students, whom Matt was seeing on the side, accuses Bill of molestation.

Beyond the narration and the homosexual element, however, The Opposite of Sex is a fairly typical 1990s indie sex comedy. It even has a member of the cast of Friends--Lisa Kudrow, who is convincing and funny as Lucia, a bitter old maid who accompanies Bill on his cross-country chase after Dedee and Matt. Meanwhile, Christina Ricci makes an indelible mark as the mean, promiscuous Dedee. She's a major talent, proving that child actors can sometimes continue their careers as adults. Unfortunately, all the male actors pretty much suck. Boring Martin Donovan confuses overdone earnestness and sincerity with actual acting, and Lyle Lovett is a stiff wooden board as the bizarre sheriff who tails Bill and Lucia.

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