The Top 20 of 2001


The following are the top 20 films of 2001, ranked by our reviewers' average ratings. A film must have received grades from at least 3 of our 5 participating reviewers to qualify.

(Participating reviewers: Alison, Carlo, Claudia, Dana, Jeff)


1. In the Mood for Love (A/A-)
2. Gosford Park (A-)
3. Ghost World (A-)
4. The Lord of the Rings:
The Fellowship of the Ring
5. A.I. Artificial Intelligence (A-)
6. Memento (A-)
7. In the Bedroom (B+)
8. The Others (B+)
9. Mulholland Dr. (B+)
10. Startup.com (B+)
11. Bridget Jones's Diary (B+)
(t)12. Donnie Darko (B+)
(t)12. Lantana (B+)
(t)12. The Man Who Wasn't There (B+)
15. Ocean's 11 (B+)
16. Waking Life (B)
17. Amores Perros (B)
18. With a Friend Like Harry (B)
19. The Royal Tenenbaums (B)
20. Hedwig and the Angry Inch (B)
Honorable Mentions
21. Vanilla Sky (B)
22. The Anniversary Party (B)
23. Shrek (B)
24. Moulin Rouge (B)
25. Black Hawk Down (B)
26. Training Day (B/B-)

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