The Top 25 of 2002


The following are the top 25 films of 2002, ranked by our reviewers' average ratings. A film must have received grades from at least 3 of our 6 participating reviewers to qualify.

Participating reviewers: Carlo Cavagna, Frances Nicole Rogers, Claudia Smurthwaite, Alison Tweedie-Perry, Dominic Varle, Jeff Vorndam


1. Y tu mamá también (A)
2. 25th Hour (A-)
3. Bowling for Columbine (A-)
4. Chicago (A-)
5. The Pianist (A-)
6. Punch-Drunk Love (A-)
7. Catch Me If You Can (B+)
8. Monsoon Wedding (B+)
9. Adaptation (B+)
10. Talk to Her (B+)
11. Secretary (B+)
12. The Kid Stays in the Picture (B+)
13. About a Boy (B+)
14. The Lord of the Rings:
The Two Towers
15. Solaris (B+)
(t)16. Dogtown and Z-Boys (B+)
(t)16. The Ring (B+)
18. Road to Perdition (B+)
19. Far from Heaven (B/B+)
20. Kissing Jessica Stein (B/B+)
21. About Schmidt (B)
22. 8 Mile (B)
23. Changing Lanes (B)
24. Auto Focus (B)
25. 24-Hour Party People (B)

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