The Top 20 of 1999


The following are the top 20 films of 1999, ranked by our reviewers' average ratings. A film must have received grades from at least 4 of our 6 participating reviewers to qualify for the list.

(Participating reviewers: Alison, Carlo, Dana, Jeff, Jen, Kris)

1. Fight Club (A)
(t)2. American Beauty (A-)
(t)2. Election (A-)
(t)2. The Matrix (A-)
(t)5. After Life (A-)
(t)5. The End of the Affair (A-)
(t)5. The War Zone (A-)
8. The Straight Story (A-)
9. The Talented Mr. Ripley (A-)
10. The Insider (A-)
11. Being John Malkovich (A-/B+)
12. Boys Don't Cry (A-/B+) 
(t)13. Run Lola Run (B+) 
(t)13. The Winslow Boy (B+)
(t)13. Eyes Wide Shut (B+)
16. Autumn Tale (B+)
16. The Limey (B+)
(t)18. All About My Mother (B+) 
(t)18. Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels (B+)
20. Twin Falls Idaho (B+)

Honorable Mentions

21. The Dreamlife of Angels (B+)
(t)22. The Sixth Sense (B+)
(t)22. Three Kings (B+)
24. Sleepy Hollow (B)
25. South Park (B)


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