The Top 20 of 1998


The following are the top 20 films of 1998, ranked by our reviewers' average ratings. A film must have received grades from at least 4 of our 6 participating reviewers to qualify for the list. (Participating reviewers: Alison, Carlo, Dana, Jeff, Jen, Kris)

1. Gods and Monsters (A-)
2. Saving Private Ryan (A-)
3. Shakespeare in Love (A-)
4. American History X (A-)
5. Out of Sight (A-)
6. Pleasantville (B+)
7. The Truman Show  (B+)
(t)8. Happiness (B+)
(t)8. Hilary and Jackie (B+)
(t)10. Babe: Pig in the City (B+)
(t)10. The Spanish Prisoner (B+)
12. Dark City (B+)
13. Ronin (B+)
14. A Simple Plan (B/B+)
15. Rushmore (B)
16. The Opposite of Sex (B)
17. Love and Death on Long Island (B)
18. He Got Game (B)
19. Elizabeth (B)
20. Primary Colors (B)

Honorable Mentions

Movies with an average rating of B+ or higher but not graded by the minimum of 4 reviewers.

   The Celebration (A-/B+)
   Central Station (Brazil) (A-/B+)
   Fireworks (Japan) (A-/B+)
   Mulan (B+)

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